Planning to retire in Mauritius?

Though it may seem like a great adventure, it is important to note that retiring abroad is not as simple as planning a vacation.

At Royal Park, our objective is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect place for your retirement in Mauritius and how to go about the whole process, too. Whether you are looking to permanently relocate in Mauritius or hunting for that ideal second residence, the information we have gathered will be helpful.

Discover why Mauritius, the multi-faceted island, is a popular choice for those who want to retire overseas.

The island’s thriving tourism industry is a clear indication of its charm, hospitality and individuality.  Situated more than 1,000 km off the east coast of Madagascar and 225km from Réunion Island, its nearest neighbour, one might expect Mauritius to be just another tropical island in the Indian Ocean. However, although thoroughly deserving its paradise reputation, with an abundance of sun, sea and sand, Mauritius is far from being typical.

In addition to its white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons and quality of life, Mauritius is an island of diversity, rich in culture and natural beauty with a wealth of attractions to see and discover during your retirement on the island.

Strong Points

A stable political system, transparent business environment, good infrastructure and medical services and a sustained economic growth during three decades, serve to provide an opportunistic investment climate. Equally, tax legislation in Mauritius is very favourable to property buyers, resulting in growing appreciation of market value.

Residency in Mauritius

Foreign nationals wishing to retire in Mauritius may explore various avenues either through the Residence Permit or the Permanent Residence Permit. They are also eligible to acquire property in Mauritius under prescribed conditions.

Criteria to qualify for Residence Permit as Retired Non-Citizen

To be eligible for a residence permit for retired non-citizen, you must be 50 years of age or above and must undertake to transfer to your local bank account in Mauritius at least 40,000 US dollars annually or its equivalent in any convertible currency. The total amount transferred over three years should be USD 120,000.

Should you have acquired a property to the value of at least USD 500,000 you may apply for your residence permit upon signature of the Deed of Sale.

Criteria to be eligible for Permanent Resident Permit

Retired non-citizen having held a Residence Permit for three years and having transferred to Mauritius USD 40,000 or its equivalent in convertible currency annually during each of these three years shall qualify.