Pamplemousses Interior Lounge

Pamplemousses extends around the landscaped park with superb views of the Moka mountain range to the South and the Bay of Balaclava to the West.

The development offers homeowners easy access to a wide range of cultural activities, sports and leisure, restaurants, bars, shops, spas and medical services.

Pamplemousses is the heart of the estate; all villas are positioned along private alleys to achieve a harmonious living space.

There are four different villa sizes: 180m², 205m², 235m² and 300m², with a private parking, a swimming pool and landscaped garden inside. Each villa is available with a flat roof or a pitch roof, with open or covered patio. Interior design offers intimate comfort. The association with the surrounding nature and the lush vegetation of the park and open spaces, allows for a lifestyle of serenity and relaxation.

Pamplemousses has been designed to give a lifetime experience to its residents. Therefore, all finishing materials and furniture have been preselected with care by our team of professional designers.

Choosing Pamplemousses villa is to choose a life in harmony with nature, surrounded by a breathtaking panoramic view.

To promote a culture of ecology, construction will use a maximum of local materials such as stone and wood in their natural state or polished finishes. The architecture of the Pamplemousses villas was designed so that natural ventilation is preferred in order to limit the use of air conditioning.